Born and raised in West London, Amit and Naroop came together twelve years ago while working on a photo shoot for an unsigned music artist. The shoot went really well and the chemistry was instant. Amit and Naroop was formed

They continued working in music photography, developing their style and honing their craft, quickly building a name for themselves while shooting some of the industries biggest stars.

As time has passed, they have broadened their horizons and their work has expanded to embrace advertising and portraiture, all interpreted with their characteristic passion and intense visual style.

Personal work is very important to them. They are heavily involved in the community, working as mentors for young, aspiring photographers.

Through their photography, they also aim to raise awareness on topics and issues that they feel passionate about. The Sikh Project is close to their heart. A marriage of their faith and talent, it represents their identity as British born photographers and their Punjabi, Sikh roots.  

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